Our bar program is here to provide our guests with their favorite classics, undiscovered new favorites, or even just a shot of Buffalo Trace and a Montucky Cold Snack. The food component is inspired by our favorite sandwich, the French Dip. This iconic American sandwich was a fixture in our childhood, and we’re excited to feature it in new, fun, whimsical ways. We also offer a handful of salads, sides & snacks.




French Dips


The Alameda Street Classic: sea salt, rosemary, MAYONNAISE and beef jus

The Saigon: Lemongrass pork, cilantro, basil, jalapeños on a ciabatta roll, with a swath of spicy mayo and pho broth

The smoked mushroom: smoked mushroom, Swiss, and porcini broth

The Frenchie: roast beef, gruyere,thyme, crispy onions and French Onion soup dip

chicago italian beef: roast beef, giardiniera, italian herbs and garlic, beef jus


Sides and snacks

the strips: freshly cooked tortilla strips, served with housemade salsa, sharp cheddar cheese and guacamole

Country karAage: Crispy chicken , marinated in garlic, ginger and soy, served with lemon and spicy mayonnaise                                         

SHISHITO Peppers: Roasted SHISHITOS, with yuzu salt

Crispy Potatoes:Twice cooked crispy russet potatoes, tossed with EVOO, salt and pepper. Finished with Parmesan. 

classic chicken wings: with blue cheese



Kale caesar: Lacinato kale, dressed with roasted Garlic Caesar dressing and 8 minute crouton







Grande MaTcha-Colada: aged rum, coconut cream, pineapple, macha green tea 

fall back: vodka, distillery 291 decc citrus clove liquor, lemon, apple cider

Brown Butter Old Fashioned: W.L.Weller Bourbon (brown butter washed), black walnut, orange bitters

apple cardamom g&T: Gin, laird’s white apple brandy, tonic, cardamom bitters

stay golden: Spring 44 Gin, pistachio cardamom orgeat, pineapple, absinthe rinse 

sunsets and death: union mezcal, lime, blood orange, genepy, tajin

My paloma: herradura blanco, grapefruit, lemon, agave, peychauds

beauty and the beet: spring 44 gin, cocchi americano, grapefruit, lemon, egg white, absinthe




Negroni SBagliato - "The Imperfect Negroni" Bar Basso, Italy

Trinidad Sour - "loses cocktail competition, becomes a classic" Giuseppe gonzalez, New York

Penicillin - sam Ross, New York 2005

missionary’s downfall - don the beachcomber hollywood, ca 1930’s

Vieux Carre- “means old square, its the New Orleanian twist on a manhattan”, Hotel Monteleon New Orleans 1938